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Connell Red
It has a sweet flavor, which makes it a great eating apple. Crisp fine texture that holds up well when cooked making it a good choice for pies and sauces.

Large all-purpose apple. Moderately juicy and relatively sweet compared to the McIntosh. Great for salads, baking and cooking along with snacking.

First Kiss
Lightly tart and aromatic, extremely crisp. Perfect blend of sweet and tart. They are bred to have a Honeycrisp juiciness and a refreshing tartness while being one of the first apples to ripen in the fall.

Firm and tart making this an excellent apple for making pies. Holds its shape when cooked but it's not suitable for applesauce.

Haralson apples are crisp and juicy, having a tart flavor. They are good for eating, cooking, and are an excellent choice for pies because they hold their shape well.

A near perfect raw apple. It is a fantastically crisp apple with a balance of delicate sweet tart and a light berry flavor. Juicy and crunchy it makes a great snack apple and used on salads and sandwiches.

Northern Lights
The Northern Light Apple is a Haralson | McIntosh cross, great for baking and snacking! Its flavor is slightly tart, fruity flavored.

Pazazz is like no other apple! A descendant of the beloved Honeycrisp, it has a unique look and taste all its own. Sweet yet tart flavor with a crunch. Perfect for snacking, to top salads and baking.

Flesh is juicy and crisp. Flavor is an outstanding balance of sweet and tart. Excellent for fresh eating and cooking.

Unique shapes with red and yellow coloring. The texture and taste similar to the Honeycrisp. A sweet and tart apple with a fruity flavor makes a crisp eating apple.

Sweet Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen is super sweet with a richly complex flavor—Crisp and juicy with an unusual sugar cane or spicy cherry candy flavor. It's a taste-treat like no other. It's a delight for snacking, fruit salads and applesauce.

Sweet Tango
Crisp, juicy, and flavorful, the sweet tango has a memorable crunch. Its taste is sour like a Granny Smith while simultaneously sweet like a red delicious!

Great crisp taste. The sweet spicy flavor makes it excellent for snacking as well as for baking pies, bars, and sauces.